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Bladder accumulators liquid separator type ASL and trans

Al l hydraulic accumulators are pressure vessels and are subject to the national regulations and directives, valid at the place of installation. Bladder accumulator type AS, up to and including 1litre, must not be CE marked.


Bladder accumulators low pressure type ASB

Bladder low pressure type accumulators consist of a welded cylindrical pressure vessel made of steel . The accumulator is subdivided in to a gas and fluid side by an elastic bladder mounted in the interior of the vessel.


Bladder accumulators low pressureliquid separator type A

valve is provided in the oil port of the bladder-type accumulator and closes when the pressure on the gas side is higher than the one on the fluid side. This prevents draining of the bladder into the oil channel and thus the bladder from being destroyed.


Bladder accumulators type AS and ASP

phosphated or galvanized carbon steel in compl iance with Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) to resist to corrosion